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Martin Bellehumeur

Financial Security Advisor, Product Manager, Investment Representative, Quadrus Investment Services Ltd

Martin Bellehumeur started his career in the financial field in 1999. He has held many positions within the London Life company. His different responsibilities have allowed him to acquire strong knowledge in different spheres of the industry. He joined ProSphere Financial Group in 2009, where he cumulates the positions of Branch Manager, Product Manager and Operations Manager of the Rouyn-Noranda firm. This path has established him as a team player and an undeniable resource for the people around him.

Martin possesses essential qualities for the financial world. He is honest, dedicated, meticulous, methodical and resourceful. He always puts the client in the foreground. When he offers advice and recommendations to a client, the client is always his first concern. 

He demonstrates creativity to propose a solution to the issues that have been brought to his attention. According to Martin, mastering the theory is not enough; it needs to be carried out in practice. He also believes that it needs to be understandable for everyone to grasp. He is grateful that people trust him enough to entrust their dreams to him. He puts all of his expertise to use to ensure to make these dreams reality.

As the new standards require, he invests a lot of his time in continuing education. Furthermore, in order to constantly perfect his knowledge, Martin reads up to stay updated on the issues that touch the financial field.

Martin is a trustworthy person. He is loyal towards his clients, his organization and his family.

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