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Analysis of Your Group Insurance Needs

When employers began offering group insurance plans, they mainly sought to protect their employees against the possible financial repercussions of catastrophic loss and ways to preserve their staff retention rate.

To achieve these objectives, you can count on our firm’s expertise in order to define the best group insurance plan for your business.

Our experts will analyze your current situation to determine the protections that are suitable for your employees’ needs and expectations, while respecting your budget.

Follow-up on Your Group’s Experience

Regardless of the size of your business, it is important to control costs to ensure the sustainability of your group insurance plan and to preserve, over time, quality protections at the best possible rates.

The rates for extended health care and/or dental insurance is attributable, amongst other factors, to the group’s “experience”, that is the ratio between the claims invoiced and the premiums paid by the group during a specific period (usually 12 months).

In order to monitor your experience, our firm offers regular follow-up sessions with the employer which will make it possible to better target the factors that have repercussions on the costs. For example, the costs related to prescription drug coverage have considerably increased over the years. An in-depth analysis of your usage is made and your results are compared with certain statistics, to the extent that confidentiality standards allow us to access the necessary data.

To improve the management of your plan, a precautionary approach can be suggested through an article published on the subject related to the issue raised.

To this end, a more proactive approach may be suggested through a survey with the goal of encouraging your employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle (e.g. good nutrition, physical activity, etc.) in order to prevent many health problems. In light of the survey results, clearer solutions can be considered.

Depending on your situation, a more strategic approach can be recommended such as a meeting at your business with a health professional (e.g. nutritionist, psychologist, nurse, doctor, etc.).

Employee Awareness and Education

There is no doubt that health is our most precious asset, but there is sometimes a price to pay to receive care adapted to our condition. Establishing a plan structure that respects the financial objectives is impossible without informing employees of the costs related to their usage. The ultimate goal is not to transfer the costs onto them but to better inform them to allow them to become more actively engaged.

To educate employees and to help them to become more conscious consumers, we offer you the possibility of meeting with them or of providing you with information to heighten their awareness in regards to the following questions:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and for Members of Their Immediate Family

When was the last time that you took your organization’s pulse? Do you offer a healthy work environment?

In order to keep a good position in today’s competitive market, you need a physically and mentally healthy workforce. A hectic daily pace can submit certain employees to many requirements, which can sometimes cause an important level of stress and palpable tension.

Concerned about contributing to your employees’ well-being, our firm is a proud partner of an important provider of specialized services.”Consultants BCH” offers a large array of confidential services intended to respond to your employees’ personal and family needs with professionalism.

To achieve these objectives, you can count on our firm’s expertise.

In Canada for example, the number of work absences attributable to stress related issues have never been so high. Different causes can factor in. However the stress level is on the rise and serious problems may ensue (psychological or other). The World Health Organization estimates that depression will be the leading cause of disability by 2020.

There is an obvious need for employers to offer support and solutions to their employees. An “EAP” is a resource to which you have access and the numerous services offered will help to contain the increase in costs related to absenteeism and to presenteeism as well as the associated costs, such as the costs related to extended health care and disability insurance claims.

In short, our firm considers an “EAP” as an alternative medicine for your business.

Human Resources Management Support

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